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Even though I am running an Imail server for a bachelor level education with about 2500 active mailboxes and about 15.000 mails per day, I still have Declude set to max 150 THREADS. That is plenty to get the mail delivered in time.

Over the years I have determined that you can have a very high inbound throughput on a very small number of threads and in fact that this strategy significantly improves overall performance by reducing overhead. All of the local deliveries you have will be constrained mostly by the underlying file system, so if most of your deliveries are local (inbound traffic) you can set the number of threads very small indeed (2x Cores works as a starting point).

You only need a larger number of threads when sending mail out because each thread may need to wait a significant amount of time for the outbound process to start and finish.

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Pete McNeil, President
MicroNeil Research Corporation

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