I've been musing over whether it's time to upgrade or replace my mail system.  
I've got IMail (unlimited users) v 2006.23 on an old server runing Win2k 
Advanced Server with Declude v.?? (not current, whatever it is).  On the one 
hand, I only have a small number of domains and mail boxes any more and on the 
other hand, my old server is looking pretty long in the tooth.

I started out looking at boxes to build a new server, but they're not that 
expensive any more.  Then I got caughter up in the software.  Ipswitch wants 
$2300 or some such for a software upgrade (unlimited users).  That's way more 
than I can justify spending.  I don't really need unlimited users any more, but 
I hate to give it up.  On the other hand, I recall a few years ago when people 
were switching en masse to SmaterMail so I looked at them and their prices are 
a lot nice.  Anyone care to say how the current versions of either software 
compared with my old IMail?

I assume that I'll have to upgrade to the current version of Declude, but 
otherwise that will work the same as before?

Any suggestions or pointers would be appreciated.



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