Hi David

I just upgraded from 4.10.72 to 4.10.78 and noticed a build-up of files in the
/IMail/Declude/SNF directory with names

Before & after the upgrade, my diag.txt file shows that SNF is OFF (see below).

Have I done something wrong to cause these files to be built?
Is there an automated delete procedure for these files?

Thanks very much
Ferrell Ard
Network Admin
Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc.

Declude 4.10.78 Diagnostics
Compilation Platform: IMail
Copyright (c) 2000-2011 Declude, Inc.

Host Name                               mail.beicorporate.net
Declude Key                             I8DA6838F-E6E2-4E5C-A9AA-575E25F81F5B
Daisy Chain                             smtp32.exe
DNS Server                    

Product Details

     JunkMail                           ON
     EVA                                ON
     Hijack                             OFF

     SNF                                OFF
     AVG                                ON
     CommTouch                          ON

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