On 8/5/2011 11:13 AM, Ferrell Ard wrote:
Hi David
I just upgraded from 4.10.72 to 4.10.78 and noticed a build-up of files in the
/IMail/Declude/SNF directory with names
Before & after the upgrade, my diag.txt file shows that SNF is OFF (see below).
Have I done something wrong to cause these files to be built?
Is there an automated delete procedure for these files?

Hi Ferrel,

I'm pretty sure these are not created by the OEM SNF in declude. They appear to be created by your external SNF installation since the log file name includes your SNF license ID.

You can disable logging if you wish. You can also redirect it to a different directory.


Hope this helps,

Pete McNeil, President
MicroNeil Research Corporation

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