Well I think I found the source of my problem, or I should say sources.
After upgrading the RAM to 4 Gb the server would reboot after about 5
seconds of starting to load windows.  It looks like I had some drive issues
on the OS drive of the server.  With the OS repaired and moving the swap
file to a different disk the SM is working as before.  Thanks everyone for
there help.

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Sent: Monday, September 26, 2011 10:44 AM
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Subject: [Declude.JunkMail] Performance issues with SM 8.2 w Declude

> I am starting to have some serious performance issues since I upgraded to
> SM
> 8.2.  Although I can not be for sure that is it due to the upgrade as
> usage
> has also increased with added clients and the start of school.  The big
> issue is that the web interface becomes unresponsive for up to about 5
> minutes.  The machine has 2 Gig of RAM, and a swap file of 5.5 Gig.  In
> Windows task manager I see my peak memory usage is now 10 gig.
> Right now I am not sure if the performance issues are being caused by RAM,
> too much traffic, Smartermail, or Declude.

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