I have a  problem with invisible attachments and I'm wondering if it's an IMail 
problem, a Declude problem, or something else.

A law firm that I've dealt with for a long time recently has a problem that 
messages send to us with attachments sometimes don't display the attachments.  
They leave the sender with an attachment, but they arrive with no clue that  
there is an attachment.  If I forward them on to a gmail account I use for 
testing, then the attachments are visible there.

I've tested this with both Outlook Express and Mail Live on the receiving end 
and see nothing about the attachments.   I check on an Android phone using K-9 
and it doesn't show the attachments but does show the mail.dat file usually 
associated with Outlook and the formatting of messages (and these senders are 
using Outlook with MS Exchange).  However, the usual fix (use Plain Text Only) 
doesn't seem to help.

My first thought was that the attachments were getting stripped (by Declude?) 
at our server.  But since they still seem to be there once I forward to the 
gmail account, that excludes that idea.  I haven't had any problems receiving 
test JPG files as attachments and sometimes their PDF files get through just 
fine. So any idea what's going on here?



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