> I should add that the number of erroneous emails sent to the old mail server
> has decreased.  From Thursday through Saturday it went down to zero and I
> was hoping the problem had gone away.  Then it started up again on Sunday,
> but at lower volume than before.  Interestingly, most of the emails now
> received at the old server are spam.  In the last three days, I've only
> received one email personally that was real mail and that went to the old
> server.  By comparison, a week ago I had to check my account on the old
> server every hour.

B/c we don't know if you accidentally had very long TTL on that bad
nameserver (since the RR no longer exists at any of your authorities
and we can't "wayback" it), it could be that that was the underlying

Nevertheless, the bizarre thinking of the Comcast person did not help

-- S.

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