I'm going to share some old information from 2009 that I put together
for integrating ClamAV.  Note that I cannot confirm at this moment
whether these directions are perfectly accurate for the most recent code
available, so please update this if you find issues. _Please also pay
close attention to any reference to directory paths and adjust
accordingly_.  Do not run a file system scanner on the ClamAV directory.

Although Sniffer does a good job on viruses, there is nothing out there
that is perfect, and every system will benefit from having a virus
scanner, or several as a matter of fact.  There are just too many
viruses out there, and they change so rapidly, that you need to cover as
many angles as possible.  There are additional add-ons for ClamAV that
will do this internally which are updated by individuals and companies
to cover things that the stock virus scanner won't. The instructions for
doing this are not included here, and I am not an expert in their


Abridged directions for a standard install.

     1) You need 7zip installed (http://www.7-zip.org/), and to open
files in 7zip, you open the file manager and double click the 7z or ZIP

     2) Download the "Current Stable" code from
http://oss.netfarm.it/clamav/  For Windows 32bit, it would be

     3) Create a directory structure with C:\ClamAV and also create a
sub-directory of C:\ClamAV\DB  Put the files from the above 7z file into

     4) Run C:\ClamAV\clamav.reg to put some directory entries into the
registry.  These are by default pointing to the directory structure that
I am using.

     5) From a command prompt run C:\ClamAV\clamd --install  This will
install the "ClamWin Free Antivirus Scanner Service"  You then want to
edit the service properties to start automatically, and set your
recovery options to restart the service.

     6) From a command prompt run C:\ClamAV\freshclam.exe
--datadir="C:\ClamAV\DB" --daemon-notify  This will download the latest
definitions and let the service know to reload them if new ones are
found.  You want to schedule a task to run this every 15 minutes (there
is virtually no load if no updates are available). There is no need to
install freshclam as a service.

     7) Download the "ClamAV GUI Wrapper" from
http://oss.netfarm.it/clamav/  You only need one file from this zip,
ClamAV-GUI.exe, and you want to place that in C:\ClamAV  This is a
simple GUI for scanning files and directories and can be useful. You can
create a short-cut for it if you want.

     8) Configure Declude for ClamAV with the following (it is probably
best to have this as the first scanner since it is the fastest):

         SCANFILE1      C:\ClamAV\ClamDScan.exe --quiet --no-summary -l
         VIRUSCODE1     1
         REPORT1        .

     9) Check your virus logs for "Virus scanner 1 reports" in order to
verify that it is running.

Note, if you want to use a non-default location, you will need to change
the location in the following three things (don't quote me on this)

     1) clamav.reg
     2) clamd.conf
     3) The freshclam.exe --datadir argument

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