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I have complained about this for a while now.


This process of fix the configuration the place in the proc folder only works if you are constantly pouring through your hold folders. We do not do that. We send an email to our users with the message they have in their hold. They then have the option to deliver the message to their inbox, when they click the recover link the message is placed in the spool folder and a copy of the raw email is sent to our admin to then look at the configuration.


This process makes the hold folder completely hands off.



How about an option to VIRUSSCANONHOLD. This would make everyone happy.

My $0.02 - Virus scanning after JM is a way to maximize efficiency by NOT scanning messages that will not be delivered. If you add a feature to scan on hold -- you are essentially defeating AVAFTERJM.

What you want is simply a mechanism that does virus scanning before returning the message to spool for delivery. If you've already automated your quarantine recovery mechanism then that should be fairly easy for you to add.

If Declude were to add a feature to facilitate this then the best bet would be a folder that accepts quarantine recovery messages and performs virus scanning (perhaps full scanning) on those messages before they are returned to spool for delivery.

That facility might then provide special handling for messages in that case so that if a message released from quarantine was found to contain a virus you could perhaps deliver a notification message in it's stead for safety-- or some other option that would be unique to the recovery case.

Such a feature would not dilute the AVAFTERJM feature but would provide a recovery mechanism as simple as dropping the recovered message (both files) into a folder -- it just wouldn't be the spool ;-) The feature would also provide a new pathway for handling this special case efficiently.

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