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The general experience has been (as reported by several individuals in two different lists over the past 3 months), that the Declude AVG updates are frequently 48 hours behind - which means they are only effective for "old" viruses. I even posted the stats for several days where it showed that every few days new viruses were being caught by my secondary scanner (McAfee), which truly does have hourly updates - and would have been passed through to
my desktops if I had relied on Decludes AVG scanner.

Then I guess, is it worth for me to renew my Declude support ... things run pretty much very smoothly now, the spam tests are all external engines, and was only keeping Declude update to get the AVG updates ... with budget cuts, maybe I should be investing into a secondary scanner versus a Declude contract?

What can I get for the same pricing $395 or less since this is all we have budgeted.


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