An FYI on the AV process.

Declude receives from AVG an email (example below) this is typically once
per day. On occasion we may get several per day or one in two days. As soon
as this email is received we download the latest definitions to our AVG
server and the definitions are available for your Decludeproc to retrieve.
Now depending on when this last check was done by your Declude - will
determine when you will get the AV sigs or what the time difference is
between release and update.


The following virus database update has been prepared for you to download. 

--- SDK VDB Update Description ---
New Viruses: 
New Trojans: 
New Virus Variants: 
New Trojan Variants: Agent.ARGZ, Downloader.Zlob.AIFA, Generic12.AGYE,
BackDoor.Hupigon4.AXIM, Agent.ARLN, BackDoor.Generic10.AFRU

--- SDK VDB Update Files ---

--- SDK VDB version.nfo ---
SEVERITY: critical
VDB_RELEASE_DATE: 2008-12-28 14:23
MODIFIED: microavi.avg
MODIFIED: incavi.avm
VDB_FILES_VERSION: 270.10.1/1867

--- SDK VDB Update Notification End ---


David Barker
VP Operations Declude
Your Email security is our business
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978.988.1311 fax

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