I think taking a software company to task on their lack of control DOES
benefit all users technically! 


I didn't introduce pricing and staffing into this discussion - YOU did! Now
you take me to task for responding to your pricing/staffing issues that YOU


>> Let's not forget you are paying less for the product maintenance today
than you were 5 years ago <<


1/6/2002: $295

1/14/2003: $295

1/23/2004: $295 (after having upgrading to "Pro" in March 2003)

1/5/2005: $264

12/30/2005: $264

8/18/2006: $309

1/19/2007: $309 

3/13/2008: $395 

6/2009: $395


Would you like to revise your statement? I'm not paying less, I'm paying 50%
more. No complaints - just insisting on the truth.



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Breathing and counting to 10 .  ;)


>> Whoever wrote this API implementation simply was too lazy to properly
handle and report on the condition that absolutely was going to occur with
100% certainty on 4/10. That's a programming 101 and this flaw must be
fixed, not "discussed". It's when an Anti-Virus product doesn't report that
it has decided to stop detecting viruses.


In coding Utopia yes that is true. I was unaware of this situation till now.
I would fire the person who implemented this but we had already let them go
over 2 years ago. I get what you are saying, I just don't think you
understand when I say "I have heard you Andy, you can stop posting to the
lists about this"


>> Nice try, but to me, money is secondary to function. 


Nice dodge!


>>I rather would pay appropriate maintenance for a product that is enhanced
with features (as it was in the first few years when I had purchased it)
than to pay a lesser annual maintenance for a dormant product! 


Ah the good old days of Scott Perry.  Let's not forget you are paying less
for the product maintenance today than you were 5 years ago. Dormant ? or
not the fixes and features you want? 


>>However, I'm NOT willing to pay a company just so that they can pursue
OTHER technical, legal and marketing ventures INSTEAD of enhancing the
product. The problem with Declude is that they lost focus - this instance
makes this painfully obvious!


What are you talking about ?


>>Let's get real. I remember looking at your web site a while ago and seeing
a huge roster of "management". I also remember web site project and other
products being launched and initating legal actions. Here's what you >>need
Start laying off managers and other supervisory staff, cut the retainers for
your attorneys, etc.  and don't stop until you have enough money to finally
pay ONE full time developer that actually works on continually >>enhancing
the product we are all paying for and gets as much done as the original
author of the product did for YEARS. Once caught up with 3 years of backlog,
then sell me the upgrade!) 

>>You don't need "additional" personnel - you to need replace
overhead-personnel with production personnel.


Wrong. Declude is a separate company from DNSStuff. Our (Declude) revenues
are solely committed to maintaining and growing this company. 


>>I suspect the problem is not "lack" of funds but "diversion" of it.


Oh wait.  that's a good one. I think the best way to answer this just is to
say your suspicion is incorrect.  


Finaly the purpose for these lists is mostly for tech questions and
assisting other users. Your initial posts about AVG were fine, but if you
want to get into what you "think"  Declude should be doing as a company
either email me or call me directly. 


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