In case this is helpful for someone else that isn't so great at rolling
their own Clams from the source code:


First, I installed ClamAID using the default options.  (SmarterMail /
Declude install for me)


This installs Clam 0.92, wraps it up as a service, wraps up FreshClam as a
service and gets everything pointed and configured for Declude to use.  It
includes pthreadVC2.dll , but I don't know if it uses it once we replace the
files here in a bit, because.


.when FreshClam goes to update the DB, it mangles the DB dies, because
version 0.92 isn't supported anymore.  


Immediately after installing ClamAID I stopped the ClamAVSvc and FreshClam
services and I commented out the lines it added in virus.cfg so I could get
it all running properly again.


I downloaded the clamav-win32-0.96.7z from and
extracted the files to a folder.  I grabbed all the .exe and .dll files and
replaced the old ones in \Program Files\Clam AV.  I edited \conf\clamd.conf
and commented out the deprecated MailFollowURLs on line 226.  I deleted the
files in \data\ and crated a \db\.  I set the log levels in clamd.conf and
freshclam.conf to high so I could see things chugging along until I was
comfortable.  I hard set the database to \db\ in the conf files, and set
verbose logging.


I cranked up the services, and watched FreshClam download new profiles to


Once the db was downloaded, I tested Clam from the command prompt as
described on the armresearch page, and everything looked like it was working


I uncommented the lines in Declude, restarted Declude, and watched it all
start humming.


Now I am just keeping an eye on things, and waiting for Clam to catch a


-- Michael Cummins




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