I was advised on DUG way back to not to mix tables with queries. I dont recall quite 
what the reasons were, but I
elected to use tables, and to create them using database desktop.

I now find a need to display a table sorted on a secondary index, apparently an easy 
feature of tquery. Can anyone
see a wise and simple resolution of this? Can I stick with tables, and is wise to do 

This has brought up a bigger issue - I now wonder if I should mature my project to 
using SQL and switching to
InterBase. I understood that InterBase requires runtime licenses, which I am reluctant 
to impose on my intended
clients. But I fear that I will eventually stumble into some problem forcing me to 
switch. Does anyone have any
advice or wisdom on how I should proceed, i.e. should I stay in the paradox battle or 
change ground to InterBase?

best regards

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