At 11:41 am 22/3/1999 +1200, Leo Ramakers said:
>I was advised on DUG way back to not to mix tables with queries. I dont
recall quite what the reasons were, but I
>elected to use tables, and to create them using database desktop.

I would be extremely interested in any reasons given as I was not aware
such a statement was made. Surely it is possible to use a table and a query
on the same form, let alone in the same application. They can be used for
entirely sperate functions.

>This has brought up a bigger issue - I now wonder if I should mature my
>project to using SQL and switching to

I have recently returned to programming local databases for an application
after a couple of years using solely client/server. Local databases do have
their place and it's an entirely different and totally seperate place to
the Client/Server market.

In my opinion, it should be an easy decision when looking at the
application or the intended installation/market.

Client/Server Pros: High throughput; sturdy database; high number of users

Cons: higher cost; single record transactions; Grids are a no-no in most
screens; more data juggling (more programming - sometimes - less RAD).

Local tables Pros: quick and easy; no per seat cost; readily use grids and
other tools that display multiple data on the form

Cons: Can be slower; small number of users; network based (all tables must
reside on the local network).

As I said earlier, it depends on the application and the user requirements.

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