I would suspect the Video Driver is no good - Is there a later version?? OR change 
back to a M$ Standard one.
This is a bit drastic but what happens if you move the Video card to another machine??


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Hi on the offchance someone has seen this before:
I have written some software which takes a canvas from an Image, or the windows handle 
and pops it onto the clipboard.
Works nice on 2 machines, but my latest high-flying AMD K6 will not under any 
circumstances allow the frame on the clipboard.
Same software, different machine. Have checked my source code and have used other 
writers video capture code to prove the scenario and in some respects mine is more 
stable, but all dont write to the clipboard on this one machine; except when using the 
video capture card supplier which is a compiled EXE. Could it be possible the machine 
is lacking a driver? What is weird is that the on-screen image1.canvas is displaying 
video source fine, but command: Clipboard.Assign(image1.Picture.Bitmap) dinay work.
What is transferred is a black screen of the canvas size.
Any thoughts???
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