>  I wam wanting to set the # of rows a drop down combo will drop.
> I have say 8 items in my drop down list, but when I open the list
> only the first item is shown with some very small scroll bars.
> I am using a windows dialog box control, and programtically
> filling the dialog with values using code like this.
>   for Pos := 0 to Directories.Count-1 do
>     SendDlgItemMessage(Wnd,1019, CB_ADDSTRING, 0,
> Longint(PChar(Directories.Strings[POs])));
>   SetDlgItemText(Wnd,1019, pchar(PutFileDir));
> Any ideas?

It seems like you are using the standard Windows combobox.  If this is the
case, the height of the dropdown list is dependent on the height of the
combobox control.  The combobox works by creating 3 controls, 1. the
combobox control (invisible), 2. the edit control, and 3. the listbox
control.  The listbox control is normally invisible.  When the combobox
control is first created, the height of the listbox control is set to height
of (1) - height of (2).

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