Hi all,

  I have a rather strange quick report that I created. I have a summary band which has 
a lot of summary fields, about 25 of them. They use function in the Expression 
component to do their work.

I have two modes of displaying the report.

1) Show the detail band and all records (about 17 pages)
2) Do not show the detail band. I set the heigh of the detail band to 0, and then run 
my report as usual.

Now the problem is with #2, the detail band with a height of 0 is showing the records 
really fast overwriting each other at the top of the report after the page header. 
Then after about 3-5 seconds of this my summary band is displayed. If I move a window 
over the preview near where the scrolling was it starts again. This is after the 
report is generated. 

If I save the report to a quick report file, it is over 2 megs, even though the 
summary is only about 10 lines. And in my external previewer it also shows the 
scrolling when the report is loaded.

Any ideas?, I have used this method for about 20 other reports with no problems. This 
report is pretty standard as far as what it does but this behaviour is wierd.

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