Mark Loveys has written  the Exo-net client application in Delphi and runs on WIN95 
operating systems.

The server back end can be Interbase (their choice obviously!), but also MS SQL 
Server, as
sometimes the market is a little crazy! From a marketing point it is good to relate 
yourself to
something that is known and respected (sic), but from a technical point of view, you 
may try to
convert the customer to the better option once they have their foot in the door.

We have integrated  Exonet as part of our OfficeCentral product (Delphi C/S app 
Management,  Jobs, Documents, Contacts, Internet  etc), and we can support NT, Linux, 
and Unix servers because Interbase runs on all of them. We don't give the client an 
option at the
backend databse, only the OS..

The server speed is 2-3 times faster on Linux than NT, for both Database apps as well 
as file
serving. We are moving to recommend Linux as our preferred option.

Now when Delphi for Linux comes out ( and if Dr Bob said it was happening then you am 
I to
disagree ) then we will have options at the client end as well. Then again a good 
Delphi --> Java
converter may also do the trick.

Be careful with what press say about software applications, they often do not 
understand the
difference between client and server, then again most do not understand client server 
anyway, and hence tend to get the issues all mixed up! That's why MS always invents 
new terms
for their technologies <g> , the journos cannot criticise what they cannot understand.

Back to work then...



>From: Jeremy Coulter, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Well I was just ata clients who are trialing Exo Net, and guess what
>language they are writing it in....thats right Delphi......so there you
>go....Mind you the first accounting package Mark Loveys did was in Turbo
>Pascal, so i guess it would have been a natural progression......
>Jeremy Coulter

>> I was just reading an article in the Herald about linux and saw this:
>> ---quote---
>> Exo-net technical director Mark Loveys said the company, formed
>> last year by
>> himself and fellow PC Direct refugees Maurice Bryham and David
>> McKee Wright,
>> originally designed the exo-net 2000 package to run on any SQL (structured
>> query language) database running on Windows NT.
>> It started making it Linux compatible in January in response to customer
>> requests and a tip from American software house Borland that
>> applications ran
>> two or three times faster on Linux than NT.
>> ---quote---
>> Interesting that "borland" and not "inprise" was mentioned.....
>> You can read the article at:
>  http://www.herald.co.nz/nzherald99/story.cfm?theStoryID=5016
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