To confirm this note from Peter, from another source inside the hallowed gates at 
Scott's Valley,
(no pun intended here) where it is seen as a positive move in many ways. It was 
that Del did good, but times move fast, and there is now a positive mood to refocus 
back on the
"Borland" name and brand developer tools.

There is a lot of activity getting developer input now for Delphi 5 features, and 
where the tools
market is going. If you want to make your ideas known, send an email to 
see his page on the Inprise web site. Take time to watch the streaming videao he has 
made with
John Floisand, head of Borland.com .

I for one am excited.



>From: Peter Hyde, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Mark asked:
>> "Is this one true?"
>> Today, March 31st, Inprise Corporation announces the resignations of
>> Chairman of the Board & CEO Del Yocam and Chief Financial Officer Kathleen
>> Fisher.
>Yes. An unofficial opinion of one of Borland's key developers is
>that Del's departure was not entirely unwelcome, and a stronger
>refocussing on Delphi is now on the cards.
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