I guess I should take up the challenge... (OK I'm feeling combative today)

Does that imply that those of us who can produce complex applications, that
involve significant data validation and implement complex business rules,
using "original Borland components" are "childishly deficient" as well?

I've found that, in the very rare cases where data-aware components can't be
used and the likes of the string grid's "OnSetEditText" can't be used,
straight-forward extensions to the original components are entirely
satisfactory. After-all, in the best-of-all-possible-worlds data-types will
do all data validation.

OK sometimes you have to use creative SQL statements (I've currently got a
bunch of UNION'd SELECT statements to get the data in the form I want for a
TDBChart - yes performance is OK) but that's part of the creativity required
for any good problem-solving.

I'm not saying you should develop the way I do; just that it _IS_ possible
to get sophisticated data-validation with the included stuff. If you don't
like them because of style - that's OK too but be aware that that's your
style of development and nothing to do with the VCL or it's capabilities.

Or to put it another way: the engineers who created Delphi and the VCL have
a great deal more technical depth that most of us. Attending Icon (was
BorCon) and listening to their answers to some of the more searching
questions is evidence enough of that. So I think you'll find that the VCL
has been crafted the way it is on purpose, not by accidental omission.

The more I understand the VCL, and therefore the more I feel competent to
pass judgement, the less likely I am to characterise it as "Childish".


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I use almost no original Borland components as they all appear to
be childishly deficient.  But most grids have a on the fly created
editbox called InPlaceEditor.  I tried it with stringgrid but it
doesnt work.  It works in other grids though.  You might have to
examine the VCL source.

On  9 Mar 99 at 12:25, Aaron Scott-Boddendijk wrote:

> >You can do a character by character analysis by trapping
> >keypress/keydown.  I do case conversion, capitalising start of words
> >and filtering out undesired characters that way.
> How do you get the position in the char buffer that the key is being
> inserted into... IE if a client cursors (or clicks) in the middle of a
> and inserts a lower case letter... you can't process the whole string
> to recapitalise because it resets the cursor pos... comments?


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