On 10 Mar 99 at 10:23, Max Renshaw-Fox wrote:

> I guess I should take up the challenge... (OK I'm feeling combative today)

Oops, did I hit a raw nerve.  :-)  Well, I certainly dont feel 

As you know, I made no comment on the developers using Delphi, just 
its VCL.

First, the kind of applications we write places different demands on 
the language and OS.  Ever since Turbo Pascal 3, I have used the 
language to its utmost and BP7 has still not run out of steam.  
Even D4 has not got there yet.

Your view (or indeed anyones) of their code and facilites is coloured 
by your own experience.  My (and people such as Paul Lowman, Max 
Neilsen and Paul Heinz) maybe far greater in that respect.  For 
instance we have in the past written our own multi-tasking kernel for 
CPM, MSDOS, TurboPascal, Microsoft Basic etc.  When I look at various 
bits of this professional VCL, parts of it are a joke (for eg the 
multi-threading, we had better facilities 15 years ago).  OTOH, 
certainly there are portions that are great.

My users demand more from my windows system than they had in my dos
system.  I cant give it to them using standard components.  Heck, I
cant even do it with all the libs out there.  And others (including
the few named above) have gone to great pain in duplicating and
fixing most of VCL).  They didnt do it for fun.



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