I need some help with a DAO installation. I have an setup which I wrote to install my 
program and DAO.

All was fine on a few machines we tested it on. We then installed Windows 95 and tried 
our install.

We found a problem with our program which caused access violations. We tracked it down 
to a database problem, one I can not work out...

If we run a query using TITAN for access it works fine. But if we add a WHERE clause 
to the SQL query it causes an access violation every time. Remove the where and it is 

So we have an database that can not handle a SQL where statement. If I then add MDAC 2 
it works, but I also have to add DCOM95.

So we thought we would try another install of win95. This time DCOM and MDAC and not 
out DAO install from our setup. The same thing happens, but now if I run my setup with 
the DAO installation it works.

I can not work this out..... I really do not want to have to install DCOM and MDAC as 
well as my DAO install.

The files I have for the DAO install in my setup are.

N:\dao350.dll           3.51.1608.0
N:\msexch35.dll         3.51.0623.0     
N:\MSEXCL35.DLL         3.51.0623.2
N:\msjet35.dll          3.51.2026.0
N:\msjint35.dll         3.51.0623.0
N:\msjter35.dll         3.51.0623.0
N:\msltus35.dll         3.51.0623.0
N:\mspdox35.dll         3.51.0623.0
N:\msrd2x35.dll         3.51.0623.0
N:\msrepl35.dll         3.51.2010.0
N:\MSTEXT35.DLL         3.51.0623.0
N:\MSVCRT40.DLL         4.10.6038
N:\MSXBSE35.DLL         3.51.0623.0

N:\MSRDO20.DLL          6.00.8169
N:\rdocurs.dll          6.00.8169

N:\EXPSRV.DLL           6.0.8246
N:\vbajet32.dll         6.1.8167
N:\vbar332.dll          3.0.6908

Any ideas?


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