>>>>> "Jolyon" == Jolyon Smith <jsm...@deltics.co.nz> writes:

    Jolyon> The question is, what tool do you use to create the code
    Jolyon> that ends up emitting it, if you don't emit it directly
    Jolyon> yourself ?

There are many techniques but a simple one is using something like
TXMLWriter, see here http://www.berenddeboer.net/delphi

    Jolyon> The problem I (personally) have with HTML is that it has
    Jolyon> been co-opted into a role for which it was never
    Jolyon> originally designed.  It is a document markup language
    Jolyon> that has been strong armed into a role as a UI
    Jolyon> presentation technology.

In many cases it is far more helpful to really see this as emitting
document markup, with css for styling and javascript for progressive

Don't bring your Delphi habits over, you need to look at HTML
technology very differently.

    >> But on the specifics of checking your HTML: check the W3C
    >> validator service.

    Jolyon> Again, this is "after the fact" debugging.

    Jolyon> I don't have to submit my Pascal code to the P3C validator
    Jolyon> service to check it's validity.

If you order your win32 calls wrong, what happens then? Where is your
win32 call validator?

But see above, using a tool like TXMLWriter you can make sure you
invalid HTML is detected immediately, although at run-time.

All the best,

Berend de Boer

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