> It's about complaining that an API call on Windows
> 95 works differently from Windows 8.

Except that by and large they don't - in fact, the complaint is often quite
the reverse ("Why don't MS fix/improve this API in Windows 8?" - answer:
because it has to continue to work the same in all Windows to avoid breaking

> All these things are, to a very large extend, solved by the frameworks
> people use.

Which in turn create their own problems - either shortcomings in the
framework or locking in to a specific technology (and being beholden to/at
the mercy of the framework provider).

> Obviously you can try to reinvent the wheel and discover all the
> incompatibilities yourself

Or how about this for a crazy idea... how about getting everyone to sing
from the same stylesheet and FIXing the inconsistencies once and for all ...
you know, what might be considered REAL progress, rather than just
continually shovelling out new features that have all NEW inconsistencies...

Just a thought.

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