Try that again :)

As Gary points out Google Frame can sit inside IE - of virtually any
current flavour.

So we settled on focussing, when we needed to know the browser in
advance, on Chrome.

Which is sort of a shame because Firefox is excellent especially from
a developer's point of view, and may be starting to lead in font
rendering with Jonathan Kew's recent contributions.

But we believe to have all our intranet stuff is rolled out to meet
Chrome's expectations at present.

Some IE 6 reporting figures are form applications that by default
'factory setting' identify themselves as IE 6, they allow an
administrator or User to choose how the application will show itself,
but few people seem to choose to actually make a new setting it seems.

Downloaders both unattended and user started and some other
applications for movie and sound aquisition ;) do this kind of thing

Chinese abundant reporting of IE6 et al has been pointed out to
suggest  previous methods and lack of restrictions on how software
might be acquired in China previously ;)

I was in Villa, Vanuatu visiting with the  Red Cross there once and
was introduced in a Duty Free shop (should have perhaps been called an
'ethics free shop') to a pack for $50 USD which identified itself as
being from mainland China which had every piece of modern software and
drawing/audio/visual producing  software then current ex-USA
(including Delphi etc!). I was fascinated at the lengths the pirates
had gone to, and could only detect a few obvious visual flaws in the
re-production of it all.

The shop owner himself appeared and was equally fascinated in my not
wanting to buy it all even if he knocked a few more vatus off it!

So when things identify themselves as IE6 it can be so in some big
corporations, but the country code says more to me now-a-days.


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>> HI all,
>> At 10:47 on 7/06/2011 Colin wrote
>>>Forget IE7, I believe 1 in 10 people surfing the net still use IE 6 (though
>>> I think a lot of them are in China)...
>>>For our company, 6% of users hitting our site use IE 6... can't ignore even
>>> 6%!
>> In New Zealand many large organisations at stuck at IE6 because they
>> implemented intranet software that simply does not work in IE7 and above.
>> This includes many Government organisations such as DHB's etc.
>> FYI there is a fix Google have come up with that allows your site to be
>> rendered by Chrome, but inside IE6. it's called Google Frame:
>> cheers
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