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> > but still didn't understand what's going on about tango.
> > will this palette be replaced by the tango palette?
> I still don't really know what Jan (Kendy) wanted you to do on the icons.
> As developer he might have some insight in necessities we here don't 
> know about. But changing the LibO palette to Tango is no option unless 
> we know about the reasons.

I am sorry I did not explain that better; in LibreOffice, you can have
more icon sets, and you, as a user, are able to switch from one to the
other.  When you switch to the Tango set, it looks like the following:


As you can see, the Libre icons are more saturated than the Tango ones.
It would be great when the user switches to Tango, to have the
LibreOffice icons more fit the entire theme, ie. use the Tango palette
in that version.  For that, we would need separate copies of the icons
that are using the other palette; but from that palette, of course
colors that are closest to the original ones.

The second problem is that the big version of the icons is 26x26; and
Tango theme is 24x24, and not even using the entire area.  The result is
that it looks as if the icon on the upper left hand side was much bigger
than the rest of the icons in the toolbar.

> We want to share our main graphical elements - our visual identity among 
> all the platforms where LibreOffice runs, so it is not our goal to have 
> different iconsets for Windows, Linux and Mac.

I think that the icons are very nice, and visually distinctive in
themselves (shape, content), so it is not necessary to be 100% strict in
the colors they use.  If you changed the palette to Tango, using the
most similar colors possible, it would be a big difference for the
consistent look, and it wouldn't hurt the visual identity at all.

And - what is important - this would show only when the user uses the
Tango icon set in LibreOffice.  Other icon sets (when the user switches
to them) would be able to use the original icons in the Libre palette.

Thank you a lot,

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