Hello Miguel,

glad to see happy users. First, if you have enhancement ideas please file a 
ticket on Bugzilla [1]. That's needed for transparency and traceability. 

The suggestion itself sounds to cover a very special use case (that you haven't 
described), or maybe I don't understand it. You want to put all the commands 
from the classic menu into a single dock? You will end up in a very deep 
hierarchy when using all items! But anyway, you can try per Tools > Customize, 
and eventually it could be an interesting alternative for our Notebookbar 

Thanks for your input, 

[1] https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/BugReport

On 9/18/18 3:59 PM, Miguel Mayol wrote:
> Thanks all for your excellent work.
> I would love to be able to configure all the menus in a vertical (or 
> configurable) nested dock with smart hide. Similar to material design
> This way I would have more space to work my frequent used tools in the first 
> box - icon - and all the others in the other boxes - icons, ideograms -
> And if they can be configured to be big - big fingers friendly - it can be 
> great even for use in the lignux phones and tablets that are going to come as 
> the librem.
> I do not know if it is very hard to offer this freedom to configure menus 
> options, but if it is not hard to do, please do, and not only to please what 
> I think would improve my workflow, also to let lignus distributions to setup 
> their defaults as they think is better or nicer, and be able to have 
> different  profiles and or themes to test, switch or even use different ones 
> depending on the task.
> Thanks again for your work, and in advance if you explore this path of 
> vertical or configurable nested menus.

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