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Subject:        Re: [libreoffice-design] Agenda for the design/UX meeting 
Date:   Thu, 20 Sep 2018 16:27:01 +0200
From:   Miguel Mayol <mitc...@gmail.com>
To:     Heiko Tietze <tietze.he...@gmail.com>

Thanks, I tried to customize, BUT  I cannot do NESTED icons.

If you add this feature, where any user can setup a vertical - or horizontal - 
dock with 3x3 menu matrix that would appear after pressing - clicking the main 
menu icon - imagine that you only copy peast the actual menu to this format... 

You press help icon in the vertical dock and then a floating 3x3 matrix icon - 
or a floating dock appears and you can press LO help // What is this? // ... // 
About LO and back

So as the FILE menu has 24 options plus up to 12 nested options make the FILE 
ICON with up to 8 main options ICONS with 4 each one, and 2 with 6, or even

Why 3x3 matrix icons 8 menu items plus back? because yo look at all in one 
sight, and not in 4x4 or bigger.

It is not a special use need, it is a suggestion for a finger friendly menu, 
even more than material design that still uses text menus and not icons - 
ideograms - that would be very useful in tablets or phones where you can 
dictate to write, or hand write "to OCR", 

And in computer i use a 28" 16:9 screen, and to read 2 A4 pages together well I 
must select full screen mode thing I cannot do when I compare versions or want 
to copy paste paragraphs.

Use that a auto hide menu, and better if it is vertical would help a lot to be 
more productive, but also would give the lignux distributions freedom to setup 
menus and it would be a easier to use alternative to the MS ribbon menu, that 
is not "finger friendly".

Last but not least, announcing the mere OPTION to be able to configure this 
kind of SMART HIDE and  FINGER FRIENDLY menu with a basic port of the actual 
menu as described before or even better, even it were in alpha stage for years 
would probably give your next LO design summit good things to talk about to the 
press, and with that a great free promotion.

Thanks again for your work, and if I was not able to make you understand my 
point - [- as user since the Star office times  - with productivity studies - 
economist - and novelist - I had to wait to the LO 6 version to be able to 
share my novel in epub as it is a conversation in colors and no prior software 
converted it -. I wrote that in palm PIM times thinking in future smartphones 
before the iphone. I actually write doctoral papers with LO and Gdocs] yes a 
rare very techy and futuristic guy from 1966 - I am sorry, but I do not how to 
explain myself better right now. 

El jue., 20 sept. 2018 a las 10:54, Heiko Tietze (<tietze.he...@gmail.com 
<mailto:tietze.he...@gmail.com>>) escribió:

    Hello Miguel,

    glad to see happy users. First, if you have enhancement ideas please file a 
ticket on Bugzilla [1]. That's needed for transparency and traceability.

    The suggestion itself sounds to cover a very special use case (that you 
haven't described), or maybe I don't understand it. You want to put all the 
commands from the classic menu into a single dock? You will end up in a very 
deep hierarchy when using all items! But anyway, you can try per Tools > 
Customize, and eventually it could be an interesting alternative for our 
Notebookbar concept.

    Thanks for your input,

    [1] https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/BugReport

    On 9/18/18 3:59 PM, Miguel Mayol wrote:
    > Thanks all for your excellent work.
    > I would love to be able to configure all the menus in a vertical (or 
configurable) nested dock with smart hide. Similar to material design
    > This way I would have more space to work my frequent used tools in the 
first box - icon - and all the others in the other boxes - icons, ideograms -
    > And if they can be configured to be big - big fingers friendly - it can 
be great even for use in the lignux phones and tablets that are going to come 
as the librem.
    > I do not know if it is very hard to offer this freedom to configure menus 
options, but if it is not hard to do, please do, and not only to please what I 
think would improve my workflow, also to let lignus distributions to setup 
their defaults as they think is better or nicer, and be able to have different  
profiles and or themes to test, switch or even use different ones depending on 
the task.
    > Thanks again for your work, and in advance if you explore this path of 
vertical or configurable nested menus.


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