For additional reference, we can see similar function in Softmaker Office that has touch mode feature. This particular function just make button much bigger enough for mobile friendly use case. See it in actions

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From: Miguel Mayol
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018 19:34:45 +0200
Subject: Re: Fwd: [libreoffice-design] Agenda for the design/UX meeting
To: V Stuart Foote

Thanks a lot for understanding the concept. It costs me a lot to be

As for MOUSE utility SMART HIDE is more important, but this would be, for
new users, a fingers friendly unified design, with almost zero training -
AZT - from one device to other, and phones are far more used than desktop
PCs, and if LO becomes the "de facto" tablet and phone office suite as it is
finger friendly other kind of menu - traditional text one - would not
welcome this new finger friendly users to come to the desktop and web

I think LO can do as Chrome did with MSIE, obliterate MSO, because it is
much better and in this case FOSS when MSO isn't.

Improving menus, - a material design alike approach would be also good, but
I do think nested icons - ideograms in vertical dock plus 3x3 nested icons -
ideograms with subtittle if needed   is better

And putting in valor LO base when many people use MS Excel as database as MS
Access is not inside the basic and cheaper MSO bundle teaching LO base with
mini cases escenarios for university teachers / pupils  that are AZT and
improve their productivity using computers can also be a good strategy.

But that BASE promotion is a work someone hired to do so by the foundation
should do, some day. or i think so.

And with finger friendly menus and versions for Android it will be much
easier to do.

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