On Fri, Oct 12, 2018 at 08:23:52AM +0200, kainz.a wrote:
> For me templates and extension didn't have the same "developer" group.
> extensions should have ongoing releases so a git orientated workflow is
> more usefull. The source of a lot extensions are on githab or gitlab, ...
> Templates will be done by office users so an simple upload will be usefull.

Yes, source hosting is another issue -- and one were neither Plone nor Askbot
provide an solution yet. If an extension developer publishes on github/gitlab
anyway, I think their main remaining need is discoverability.

We see that on the existing extension webpage, were a lot of content was not
hosted on extensions.libreoffice.org, but just linked to
github/gitlab/whereever. Both Plone and Askbot can provide that, but the Askbot
experience is much simpler because of e.g. OAuth login, distributed moderation,
discussion/mini-wiki being available.

So, I wouldnt want to block on solving the source-hosting problem for now and
leave it for later. Lets solve the basic UX first.

> Another big question is about development. Which platform supports a
> community orientated development, which mean when there is a group how do
> they work together on the webpage / platform. As example Andi do the
> extension page maintanance someone would like to play around with different
> design layouts, does the platform support cooperative work and an
> "playground" for new developments?

I think this is the key here: So far, Andi being a lone warrior here has been
the limiting factor -- not by lack of skill, but by being alone. If there are
multiple people willing to work on this with Plone, that is great. But at this
point, I would not want to turn down a solution based on e.g. Askbot if that
shows more prospect.



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