October 11/2018
Andreas comment about, nothing else to say.
Miguel Ángel.

El 12/10/18 a las 11:28, kainz.a escribió:

for the basic UX there are still some ideas from the design team
(sorry that it is on gdocs)

I also want to say if we have an good extension layout for templates
it can be used also for the documentation webpage
cause both show the same content templates show an template to download
and bocumentation show an book, ... whatever to download.

And please keep it simple. Define the different users and what they want.
LibO user: Install the extension and keep it up to date
Template contributor: Share his template, don't care about LibO version
extension contributor: Extend LibO functionality
Maintainer: Easy setup with collaborative workflow

I'm sorry that Andi didn't join the discussion,
cause it should support his work
and hopefully find new contributors.


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