On 29.08.2016 22:27, Michael Siepmann wrote:
> On 08/29/2016 01:45 PM, mray wrote:
>> The last meeting made clear we need to settle on what we expect the page
>> to do for a user.
>> My impression was always that MVP needs a page to satisfy the basic need
>> of people to see where there money goes in a system that is really "half
>> baked". There may be more need for many other visualizations, but for
>> this one it boils down to:
>>  "Where did my money go?"
>> (Aaron supposed to rename the tab to "Payment History" to somewhat
>> clarify its purpose.)
>> @Michael:
>> What is your opinion on that matter? - What do you think the MVP page
>> should do for the user.
> I think it includes "Where did my money go?" but also, importantly,
> "What's been happening with my pledges?".  People will pledge on
> Snowdrift.coop because they want to support projects, so it's important
> for the history page to show them what's happened each month with regard
> to their support for projects, whether or not any of their money went
> anywhere that month.

I don't know what you mean by "happening" in the question: "What's been
happening with my pledges?"

We don't decide what happens with money, but maybe you mean what your
current relation to projects you support/not support?
Giving money away is all there happens, the how & why should not be
explained via accounting. To me this feels like "Reverse engineering"
that might shed light on what our mechanism is. Having a dedicated page
to approach this issue seems a better solution.

I understand that the question "What's been happening with my pledges?"
can arise *nevertheless* and people may indeed find themselves trying to
understand it while looking at the payment history.
But if we accept the challenge to explain the mechanism there, it comes
at the cost of more complexity. This opposes our efforts to keep things
simple; the mechanism and its explanation.

> I don't think it's OK in mid-May 2016, for example, as illustrated in
> the attached, to have the history tell them nothing about April and
> March other than that spending got carried over because the payment
> processing fee would make up more than 10%.

Agreed. This can be a problem. But all information is present
always – only in the "Matches" tab. Linking there would make sense in
the case of the last month being a carryover-month. Any other month can
not suffer that problem.

>> I think any discussion about page mockups only makes sense in the
>> specific context of what needs to be solved by them.
> Agreed.

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