On 06.09.2016 21:46, Aaron Wolf wrote:
> On 09/06/2016 12:40 PM, mray wrote:
>> On 05.09.2016 13:14, Bryan Richter wrote:
>>> The default styling has 3 rem of bottom-padding for <h2>. I think it
>>> needs top-padding, too. Otherwise it's pretty bunched up against a
>>> preceding <p>.
>> padding: 3rem 0;
>> Sounds like a fine solution.
> I really think ikomi's MR switching things to margins is right here. For
> these things, margins are the way to go because they overlap, so you
> always get the space desired around objects but don't get awkward extra
> space when two objects are next to one another. Some small padding
> wouldn't be crazy though.
> I'm not the designer, but my understanding is this is textbook example
> of where to use margins rather than padding.

Sounds like a fine solution, too.

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