On 12.02.2017 20:59, J.wuensch wrote:
> Thanks Aron!
> Yes, we will see if the audio works as it is. If not, we will let you know. ;)
> @mray
> I think it's time to soon make a jitsi kickoff meeting for the video 
> production. I'll have time next weekend or we could do it thursday evening 
> (16.Feb) and then begin with the animatic or storyboard.
> I downloaded and installed the seafile-client today. It would be nice to get 
> access to that library / folder / server 
> (https://snowdrift.sylphs.net/d/7d74cfd129/?p=/assets&mode=list) My E-Mail to 
> add is: j.wuen...@protonmail.com
> Thanks and see you soon,
> Johannes

Thank you to be on top of this!

I haven't had time to look into the material yet, but the sooner we can
get going the better. Thursday 16.02. sounds fine to me, what time would
work for you?

I'd be available in the evening from about 19:30 on or more early at
about 9:30.


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