On Fri, 2016-09-16 at 11:00 +0100, Sam Thursfield wrote:
> If the indexing process is disabled then the Tracker database will
> become out of date, of course. Any GNOME applications that use
> Tracker
> to find content will show only old content, or no content at all. At
> time of writing I think this would affect Documents, Music, Photos
> and
> Videos, but there may be more apps I'm forgetting.

To be clear: disabling tracker is totally unsupported, and the above
should give you an idea why. Just because you can do a thing, does not
mean it's a good idea. But if you don't use any of these apps, then
maybe you don't care. Your computer!

Same for evolution-data-server. Without that, the shell calendar does
not work, nor does GNOME Calendar. (Evolution the app should be easy to
uninstall; it's not a core part of GNOME.)

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