tomaswolf commented on issue #455:

   No problem at all. I immediately came to the same conclusion as you did when 
I looked at BaseCipher, which is why I had written I was "confused". I _do_ 
agree this needs to call Cipher.doFinal(), and I'm confused that it worked 
without so far, not just in Apache MINA SSHD but apparently also in a number of 
other Java SSH implementations.
   An API change in BaseCipher is not needed. Cipher usage in SSH is fairly 
simple; maybe BaseCipher.update() would have better been called processBlocks() 
or some such to avoid confusion with the Java Cipher interface.
   Data passed to the cipher in SSH is always a multiple of the block size. 
Encryption always encrypts a whole message. Decryption may in some modes first 
decrypt the first block to get the message length, then in a second call 
decrypt the rest of the message. The cipher is kept for the whole session until 
the next key exchange, which is why after a doFinal() needed to force-flush 
that internal buffer the re-initializion will need to use the correct IV.
   It'd still be useful to know which cipher exactly was used in the case 
originally reported.

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