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> Does anyone at Mozilla intend to join this working group? I see no
> Mozilla members in the IG.

Yes, in Connected Devices we have recently started looking at this area in
some detail and I think we should seriously consider joining the Working
Group. I previously applied to join the Interest Group but at that point we
decided we weren't far enough along with our thinking in this space to make
that commitment, I think things have changed now.

Firstly, I agree the documents produced by the Interest Group are a a mess.
In fact almost incomprehensible.

Much more compelling is the member submission <http://model.webofthings.io/>
from EVRYTHNG which also forms the basis of the book, Building the Web of
Things <https://www.manning.com/books/building-the-web-of-things>. This is
a well thought out blueprint for the Web of Things which I think could
serve as a better starting point. In fact we are planning our own
implementation of something along these lines for Mozilla's IoT platform
which could serve as a reference implementation. We've just started to
draft a white paper on this topic.

I'm going to try and find time for a more detailed review of the proposed
charter this week. They keep giving short notice for the review deadline
and then extending the deadline.

Thanks David for flagging this up, I'm interested to hear others' views on
the charter specifically.

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