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> Security is the number one problem for anything "ot" (iot, wot,
> wotever),

I agree with this sentiment, but I don't think that we need to insist
that a new W3C group solve these issues.  I'm very much concerned with
the question of how a new "thing" might be authenticated, even how
clients of the thing are authenticated, those are definitely well
within their remit and it should be an important consideration.

We shouldn't hold the group responsible for the failings of the
industry at large though, no matter how egregious those failings.

> All that being said, I think we should non-formally object to the
> Proposed W3C Charter: Web of Things Working Group with reasons of:
> * insufficient incubation of security aspects
> * overall risk (greatly increased vulnerability) to the web/internet as a 
> whole
> being the reasons (with above citations).

This is probably OK.  I would start with this though:
* insufficiently precise statement of goals; needs more research and
incubation time
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