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> As Firefox 57 is on trunk, we are shipping e10s by default.  This means that 
> our primary support is for e10s.  As part of this, there is little to no need 
> to run duplicated tests in non-e10s and e10s mode.  
> In bug 1386689, we have turned them off.  There was some surprise in doing 
> this and some valid concerns expressed in comments in the bug.  Given that, I 
> thought we should bring this information to a wider audience on dev.platform 
> so more developers are aware of the change.

Has there been any additional effort to deal with tests that have
been disabled under e10s?  This change means we've essentially
turned off a decent number of tests.

Some of these tests show up in these searches:
although that search isn't exhaustive, and contains some tests that
we still run under some conditions.


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