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L. David Baron <dba...@dbaron.org> wrote:
Has there been any additional effort to deal with tests that have
been disabled under e10s?  This change means we've essentially
turned off a decent number of tests.
IIRC, the last time we talked about this, there was interest in either running
tests explicitly disabled in e10s in a non-e10s browser or doing another
e10s-style run-through and sign-off of the remaining tests to move them to
suites that won't be turned off or to verify that we don't lose test coverage
of things we care about. Felipe was going to use the scripts that we used in
the original e10s rollout to generate a new list of tests to verify.
Was this done before the tests were turned off though? From what I read from the bug, it seems like the answer is no. It seems to me that the above should have been a prerequisite for turning these tests off, especially at a time like this leading to the release of Firefox 57 when we should all we can to reduce the risk of the release... Losing test coverage on many tests here and there, and also on Android for the tests that we run on desktop in lieu seems to me as potential factors to increase risk. :-(
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