This seems like a good idea.

Please consider adding to your list of things you will
clone from.  That will allow us to remove some ugly hacks from the
tree for vendoring NSS and NSPR.  (libffi uses the same script, but it
seems to be on GitHub now, so that seems like an easy win assuming
even that libffi still uses that script.)  We could use the NSS GitHub
mirror, but NSPR doesn't have one yet and those can't be the only
projects that we have using mercurial.  Of course, if that is the
case, then don't worry, we'll just have to talk more seriously about
moving NSS to GitHub.

You don't permit the use of a tag for vendoring, is that intentional?
Tags for releases are so commonplace that you should consider it.  You
shouldn't need a branch AND a tag either.  More so because branches
move, which makes them not reliable here.

Having a version in addition to a tag is redundant and therefore
likely to result in mismatches.  I'd say that the tag is enough.

(FWIW, NSS does some of its own vendoring for test runs, so maybe you
could look at
- vendoring git repos without pulling history turned out to have a few

On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 2:25 PM, glob <> wrote:
> mozilla-central contains code vendored from external sources. Currently
> there is no standard way to document and update this code. In order to
> facilitate automation around auditing, vendoring, and linting we intend to
> require all vendored code to be annotated with an in-tree YAML file, and for
> the vendoring process to be standardised and automated.
> The plan is to create a YAML file for each library containing metadata such
> as the homepage url, vendored version, bugzilla component, etc. See
> for the full specification.
> We will work with teams to add moz.yaml files where required, as well as
> adding the capability for push-button vendoring of new revisions.
> Please address comments to the dev-platform list.
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