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mozilla-central contains code vendored from external sources. Currently there is no standard way to document and update this code. In order to facilitate automation around auditing, vendoring, and linting we intend to require all vendored code to be annotated with an in-tree YAML file, and for the vendoring process to be standardised and automated.

The plan is to create a YAML file for each library containing metadata such as the homepage url, vendored version, bugzilla component, etc. See https://goo.gl/QZyz4xfor the full specification.

So we now have moz.build that in addition to build instructions, contains metadata for mozilla-authored code (e.g. bugzilla components) and moz.yaml that will contain similar metadata but only for non-mozilla-authored code, as well as Cargo.toml that will contain (some of) that metadata but only for code written in Rust.

As someone who ended up having to write code to update moz.build files programatically, the situation where we have similar metadata spread over three different kinds of files, one of them Turing complete, doesn't make me happy. Rust may be unsolvable, but it would be good if we didn't have two mozilla-specific formats for specifying metadata about source files. It would be especially good if updating this metadata didn't require pattern matching a Python AST.
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