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> There are some directories where we only import a file from a third-party
> and it is alongside other files in that same directory, e.g.
> testing/modules has "ajv-4.1.1.js" and "sinon-2.3.2.js" imported from
> elsewhere.
> How do they fit into this scheme?

Just quick comment: I was the one who added our vendored version of Ajv (in
bug 1267919), and the fact that it's a single file is just because it
wasn't clear to me how else to use it. I listed how to update it here
but it's clearly an awkward process, IMO preserving that process would be
worse than finding a better way to do it (and presumably that's where this
discussion is headed).

I suspect something similar is true for sinon, but can't speak for it.
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