today I wanted to authenticate a PROPFIND against

which returns the following WWW-Authentication header:
WWW-Authenticate: X-MobileMe-AuthToken realm="Newcastle", Basic 

Usually, on a fresh/new connection, nsIHttpChannel will first do an 
unauthenticated request, get the auth methods to pick one, call promptAuth 
callback to ask for password and then initiate a second request to try to 
actually authenticate.

However, it looks like, nsIHttpChannel is not calling promptAuth and is not 
doing that second request. As if the there is no valid auth method returned by 
the server.

I replicated that WWW-Authentication header on one of my own servers, 
reproduced the findings and than removed the X-MobileMe-AuthToken from the 
allowed methods (so just sending Basic) and tried again to connect and this 
time it went through as expected.

Is this a bug?
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