On 2018-11-29 17:12, Ehsan Akhgari wrote:
On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 8:00 AM Boris Zbarsky <bzbar...@mit.edu> wrote:

On 11/29/18 7:38 AM, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
This extension will automatically rebase the local changes to avoid

Will it also update mq patches, or just in-repo commits?

I don't think this extension is aware of mq patches (since they don't
really get rebased), but that being said from my foggy memory of using mq
ages ago, I seem to remember that it used to be possible to use the qfinish
command to convert them into regular hg commits and then later on to use
qimport -r (IIRC) to convert them back into mq patches again.  If that is
still a workflow that works, then it should be possible to:

   * Pull from a pre-reformat of the tree, run ./mach bootstrap to install
   * Do a one-time translation of your mq queue to a set of commits.
   * Pull from hg.mozilla.org to pick up the reformat commit.

And you forget that a merge will be needed here, because the formatting changes will likely collide with the code one's patches are touching.

When we were mass-converting from PRUint32 to uint32_t etc, there was a tool capable of converting your patches based on the pre-formated code to be apply-able on the formatted code.

This is what we are missing.  So some of us may expect a huge merge pain w/o something like that.

OTOH, if the changes are only whitespace changes, maybe there is some way `patch --ignore-whitespace --fuzz N` could apply the patches.  Then just re-format and your patches are OK.

   * Do a one-time translation of your mq queue back to a series of patches.

That doesn't make much sense, because the commit history will look something like (newest to oldest): - merge of my patches with the formatted changes, having two parents (formatted code default + my mq tip)
- formatted code `tip` (or `default`)
- my mq committed [ ]
- pre-formated parent
- ...

You can't just recreate your mq from such changeset tree and you also can't avoid the likely quite complicated merge anyway.



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