On 13/12/2018 14:52, Randell Jesup wrote:
But still all is not lost here.  When you do decide to do the manual
merging when you needed those patches, you would need to:

  * Update your working tree to the parent of the commit that did the
  * Apply your patch to that tree and reformat the tree.
  * Diff the reformat commit and your current working directory.  That
would give the reformatted diff.

tl;dr: I need to figure out how I'm going to dig out of the rebasing hole
I'm now in, and could use advice/help, and I think the above sequence
doesn't work for queues of dependent patches.

If I'm understanding your situation correctly, I believe you can use rebase to update a whole queue of dependent patches, provided you have the format-source extension enabled.

Starting with all patches popped:

$ hg pull -u # get latest tree and make a note of the current tip
$ hg log     # changeset that you'll want to rebase your queue onto

$ hg up PRE_TREEWIDE_CLANG_FORMAT # go to the pre-format changeset

$ hg qpush <each patch you want to rescue, unbitrotting as needed>

$ hg qfin -a        # turn your applied patches into local commits

$ hg rebase -d DEST # where DEST is current m-c tip (or wherever you
                    # want to be working)

$ hg qimport -r tip # pull top local commit into mq
$ hg qpop           # and pop to unapply it

Repeat last two steps for each commit that you want to pull back into mq. Now you should have a queue that is based on the updated tree.

The rebase step may require some manual conflict resolution, but should be able to manage a lot of it automatically for you.

You lose the original patch names in this process, as "hg qimport -r tip" names them automatically (or you could use -n <name> to assign your preferred names when re-importing them).

You can repeatedly go back to PRE_TREEWIDE_CLANG_FORMAT and run this sequence for as many separate sets of dependent patches as you care about.


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