Add support for multi-keyword values on the CSS 'display' property.
The spec splits this property into three parts: an outside part,
an inside part, and a list-item part so the author can specify them
separately.  This first patch set adds support for the new syntax
only, but no new box types (I'll add those separately in a bit).
So, this bug just adds a bunch of synonyms for exist values we
already support, so we can now write "block flow list-item" or
"block list-item" etc instead of just "list-item".  Keywords can
be given in arbitrary order, so there are now a lot of valid
permutations for the same computed value.  The values are
serialized to their shortest form as usual though.



Platform coverage: All

Estimated or target release: v70

Preference: None

DevTools: No change

Tests: WPT and other tests were added.

Other browsers: Other UAs don't support this yet, AFAIK.

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