On 8/26/19 4:42 PM, Boris Zbarsky wrote:
On 8/19/19 3:42 PM, Mats Palmgren wrote:
Sure.  I'm just saying that I suspect some of the combinations may be hard to implement using anon boxes, depending on what combinations are allowed.

For example, can one have a thing which is "table-cell" on the outside and "flex" on the inside, per spec?

No, 'table-cell' is currently a <display-internal> keyword and those
can't be combined with other keywords at all. [1]

However, I'm proposing in [2] that 'table-cell'/'table-caption'
should instead be <display-outside> keywords [3], which would allow
'display:table-cell flex' etc.

I've written proof-of-concept code to implement that and it was
fairly straight-forward now that we support multi-keyword values
in general.  I didn't see any signs of additional complications
regarding anon boxes from this. (To be concrete, removing the inner
anon box we currently have for table cells wouldn't become harder,
nor easier, by any of these changes.)

(I'll add a disclaimer for 'run-in' though.  It's not implemented
by anyone yet so it's hard to speculate about.  I'll also add that
I (and others) have doubts about it...)

It's worth trying to find out, and in particular to find out whether what we plan to ship is compatible with what they plan to ship.

Well, the CSS spec is public and being actively discussed in various
github issues / www-style.  I would expect them to file a spec issue
if they have objections or intend to implement something different.




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