On 22/09/16 03:00, Peter Kurrasch wrote:
> Well, well. Here we are again, Ryan, with you launching into a bullying,
> personal attack on me instead of seeking to understand where I'm coming
> from and why I say the things I say.

Er, no. I am entirely comfortable with saying that if you found Ryan's
message to be a bullying, personal attack then your skin is too thin.
(Which would surprise me, given what I know of you.)

Ryan's message, while possibly carrying a slightly exasperated tone, was
a reasonable exposition of the trade-offs inherent in various options
for dis-trusting a CA, trade-offs which you seem unwilling to recognise.
I'm sad that you don't see this as a set of trade-offs, but perhaps
there's little I or Ryan can do about it.

> ‎If Kathleen or Gerv or Richard decide that I'm
> disruptive and not providing any value to the wider population, I'll
> happily withdraw from this forum. 

I am not requesting that you withdraw, although you should know that the
level of account taken of what you say is approximately proportional to
the level of understanding that you show of the perspectives of all
parties involved - including those currently using WoSign certificates
for their sites.


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